Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Been Around the world and I I I...

Hey sorry I've been away. Was trying to deal a deal. lol. But anyhow, I really haven't missed much at all. Which brings me back to, 'I hate this time of year'. What do we do? I dunno. No Rider news. Raiders missed the playoffs again. Jays look young, and I'll leave it at that for now. Tomlinson signed with the NY Jets, Gross. Ovie got 2 games for his hit on Campbell...and Campbell's done for the season. The Raptors suck ass, and I might not miss CB4 as much as I once thought. Anyways. I'll be back on track here soon....Give me a couple days.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Winter Blues

SO in the midst of my worst cold 'ever', I can't seem to take refuge in the sporting world. Whats going on that would take my mind off being sick? Oilers? Not likely. Raiders? Nope. Football season? Too far away. Olympics? All done. Hmm, seems I need something else. MLB spring training? Ya its on, but it takes a while to warm up to it. Raptors? No comment. Well how bout one. Start playing defence! Well I guess tonight I curl up with some soup and think about supporting some new teams...lol

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Raiders Disappoint ... Again

I don't know what to say. Yes they may still have a chance. But who are we kidding. They've played like shit down the stretch. I don't expect a miracle. Another year gone. Just missing the playoffs. Why? Does the scouting need blame? Coaches? GM? Like this is junior hockey. Every 4 years you should have an above average team. If things are done right. Its hard to watch this small market team lose and lose revenue from playoff games every year. Support is already dwindling and will continue without success. The adults will give up , and the new fans, the children won't even care. Sad to see. But hey, there's always next year...

Friday, March 5, 2010

1.2 Billion? Cmon People

The price tag was announced for this FN designed stadium, including a Hard Rock Hotel. 1.2 Bill? Wow. And it hinges on the province selling Casino Regina and Moose jaw. Um, that would be political suicide I would think. Giving up that revenue, and then expected to turn around and spend the money from the sale to fund the dome? Wont happen. Its cool though, that theres other groups coming forward with their ideas. Keep em coming...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New First Nation Design

Im sure you can find the new First Nations designed dome on line now. Their idea is to buy Casino Regina and build a new one connected with a dome. Ok. Im open to all ideas. But Im not holding my breath. ... Check the design out. It looks like a dome caught in a net. Not a fan. Yet...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oiled and Greased

In one of the most boring NHL trade deadlines ever, the silver lining is... The Oilers dumped some payroll? And SAY WHAT? They made a trade with arch enemies the Calgary Flames? Ugh. Ok then. Is the cold war over? This is getting to be too many ? marks. So anyways, TSNs panel talked about "non-trades" more than all the weak trades coming down the wire. It was sad to watch. And really boring. But inside I was hoping to hear of a blockbuster. Didn't happen. Oh well. The Capitals loaded up on journeymen players for a run. The Coyotes made a couple improvements. SO, as we get ready to watch some hockey down the stretch, whats the next big deal? The draft. And I believe it will be an eventful day.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Olympic Hangover

Yep, I'll admit as much as I wanted to go back to pro sports, I kinda miss the the hoopla. Oh well. Hopefully the trade deadline will keep us all interested. I for one hope the Oilers can deal away some payroll. But we'll see tomorrow. And by the way, I'm now fully on board for a new stadium (only with a retractable roof) in Regina. The more I read, and the more pictures I see, I'm being brainwashed into thinking this is an amazing idea... Time will tell.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Domed if we do, Domed if we don't

So the gov't released its million dollar study into a covered dome in Regina. Its gonna get ugly from here on in. People are passionate about their opinions, and both sides (including the middle) are voicing them! The ONLY thing I ask is, be educated and read it ALL. Don't spew garbage about this and that. Chill. There will be a tomorrow. And put me down as a YES, I think its a great step for Regina and the Province.

Golden Shower

Yep. I flinched. I held my breath. And when the States tied it, I deflated more than bad tire. Intermission. Phew. Thank you. And that worked to Canada's favor. Thank you Sid, Jarome, and the rest of Team Canada!! That was an amazing finish to the Olympics. An Olympics that I found my wife and myself, keeping up on almost every aspect. I've never watched more Olympics in my life! We'll see if that happens in 4 years or not. But hey, I'll bask in the glare of all the Gold this country pulled in. Great job, Vancouver and everyone else. Enjoy.