Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things are getting Loonie!!

Yep, the Riders are getting a commemorative loonie from the Canadian mint to celebrate 100 years. Pretty crazy. I know the Montreal Canadiens had one last year, but didn't think they would even look at the Green machine. The Riders are already the envy of the CFL. This will be the icing on the cake for all fans. And will bring out the haters in droves. For non-Rider fans, the team and it's fans are fast becoming the team to hate. Oh well I say. Worry about your own teams...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I'm not sure if should leak some news I received regarding the Riders. So I won't until it goes public. Let's just say some toes are being stepped on. ... On a different note, single game day tickets went on sale and Labour Day always the most popular game, sold out in 16 minutes. I was to be purchasing some extras for friends online. And had 4, then the site booted me. Not impressed. Now they are stuck with kijiji or ebay. Crap. But always good to see sell outs I suppose. Canada Day and July 17th are near sold out as well. Go Riders.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Stable of Quarterbacks

Ryan Dinwiddie and Todd Reesing are two of the Riders newest signings. Both Quarterbacks. Most of us have fond memories of Dinwiddie. As he was the one who threw us some pretty sweet interceptions at the 07 Grey Cup. So most people are questioning this signing. Saying he's no good and a loser. I disagree. That Grey Cup was Dinwiddies first career pro start...ever. Talk about jitters. He's 29 and could still blossom into a backup at the very least. And as far as Reesing goes, he had a stellar college career at Kanas. Look him up on youtube. He looks like a prototype CFL QB. I think both were good signings, and that's why we have training camp right?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What is a Flyer?

So its the Flyers and Blackhawks for the Stanley Cup final. I'm not sure how excited I personally am for this. But it could be a good series. And both clubs have a lot of loyal followers. So in their eyes, it's a beautiful sight. And in my eyes, I hope for Sharp and Versteeg to get me some points in the draft! I'm closing in on $100. Ha!


Steve Yzerman is the new general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightening. That's all I'm going to say.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

One More Time

Will the Habs be able to pull out another miracle comeback? I'm not so sure. Last nights game 4 in which they lost, was a brutal performance. Even boring. A stark contrast of game 3 where they dominated Philly. Ya Philly played good enough to win. But that was a free pass and hard to watch. I'm not sure either team was motivated in that game. ... This afternoon the Hawks can eliminate the Sharks in 4 straight. And head to the Stanley Cup final. This is great for my pool, where I have 4 Hawks remaining. But they need to score!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dressler not Dressing yet...

The rumour is that Roughriders receiver Weston Dressler won't be ready for training camp. The allstar broke his leg late last year, and recovery has been slow. After rumours he would return for last years Grey Cup game, this seems like maybe a few set backs have happened. Word is, he'll be ready for week one.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Slow Down

With the wonderful scheduling the NHL has done for the playoffs, having both conference finals on the same night, things seem slow. It looks as though they will go each nigh now but nice momentum loss. 4 games all on same nights. Real smart. But anyways, I'm getting geared up for football season. I can't wait. The off season has dragged on big time. Not that hockey hasn't filled the gap, but it can only do so much. So as the playoffs wind down. And the draft coming up, that will be the end. And we can focus on football and baseball. Speaking of baseball, the Bluejays are a bit suprising right now aren't they?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"World" Championship

As I type this, Team Canada goes into the 3rd period down 3-1 to the Czech Republic. And after losing 3-1 to Sweden on Sunday, I'd say this spells the end. I was excited to see this team this year because of it's youth. Canada had nearly built a world junior team. With the exception of a couple vets, this team is very young. But I guess, maybe too young. I think with the injury to Ryan Smyth, maybe that hurt the team. But it wasn't like he was going to carry them. So the kids will will have to dig deep and pull up their socks if they plan on making an impact in Germany. Go Canada.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Game Seven Everyone Forgot

So tonight we have a game 7. Usually, I am all over that. I love the fact that one team moves on and one goes home in a one game showdown. But for whatever reason, I've lost interest in this Bruins/Flyers series. Boston was up 3-0 and now the Flyers have forced a game 7. Ok, the story should be interesting right? Nope. The Bruins have played so brutal in the past 3 games that they should be ashamed. They've turned the series into a boring one. And one that Philadelphia should win. And if they don't, it's because of a divine miracle in Boston tonight. We'll see how the fans react to the home team, because if that was me...I'd bring a paper bag.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thanks For Coming Out

Yes sir. Thank you Vancouver Canucks. All the hype. All the propaganda. All over. Sorry fans, but I was growing weary of it. They played one stellar game against a Hawks team that took it lightly. And the parade route was planned. So lesson learned? I doubt it. This is almost carbon copy of last year. Your captain is a goalie. Which is the biggest joke in hockey. And if you disagree and think it's cool, then get your head checked. It's brutal. And shame on Luongo for even accepting it, never mind holding onto it. Things must change in Van for things to progress. Or book your tee times for this time next year.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Rider License Plates!

I had emailed the Roughriders months ago about the chance of SGI issued license plates with a Rider touch. Well. It's coming true. Although I doubt I'll ever get any credit for the idea, it's really cool. And count me in for one. First in line! The plates will feature a logo and will read "Pride Lives Here". Really cool.


Well I've been away for a couple days. But I doubt anyone noticed. Someday we'll have 5 followers. Maybe. Anyways, it's been a crazy few days in sports. Vancouver dominated Chicago at home, and chipped away at the series, now down 3-2. Montreal seemed to be brick walled for the most part by Fleury in Pittsburgh. And are down 3-2 in that series. Philly staved off elimination, and so on.. Can't wait to see it all play out. Some other news, Kimbo Slice was fired by UFC. And I'm not an MMA fan. So did you buy into the hype on him? In football, Kenton Keith was released by Hamilton. Probably a victim of numbers, seeing Cobb emerge as a star last year. So let the rumours start about the 29 year old and most likely the most explosive running back that ever played for the Riders. Count me in for seeing him back in green. And give me football soooon!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pushing Weight

Unreal how some pro athletes piss it all away. The Oakland Raiders released former #1 pick overall, Jamarcus Russell. Arguably the biggest bust in NFL history. Watching him play, he really defined the point that not all college stars can make pro. But. That's not the worst part. Before he was released, he showed up at Raiders mini camp weighing in at 290 lbs. And reported weighing 300 just a few weeks prior. Wow. Yes, he is 6'6". But he is a quarterback. Not an offensive lineman. Although he should maybe try his hand at that now. His ideal QB weight is 260. So it seems it was the last straw for Oakland to make the decision. My only question is, why did it take you so long?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bears and Birds

So I appreciate the Bruins and Hawks wins last night for the sake of my playoff draft. Thanks teams. But from what I saw, either games and for that matter either series could be the opposite. But that's the name of the game. Perfection and mistakes walk the same street. And that was apparent in both games last night. Tonight will the Canadiens take the series lead? Or will everyones favourite basterd son Crosby pull his team in front? Then in the other series, I'm not sure yet if the Sharks are for real. Like regular season, for real. Anyways. Happy playoffs.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Riders Take 99

Welcome Shomari Williams to the Riders and the CFL. The Riders traded to get the 1st overall pick in the Canadian Draft today. So here's to the new LB/DE making an impact this season. Williams will wear number 99, and I can already see the jersey being popular.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


So after the Habs were exposed last night, do you think they will rebound? Or are they finished versus the Pens. Tough call. Just a quick shout out to all the great catches made last night in MLB. Wow, to Pena and Byrd. Crazy stuff. But thats the stuff that gets me in the mood for ball, when the NHL playoffs are still on. And what's up with Chris Bosh asking his Twitter followers if he should stay or go? Get bent.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

How Did That HAB-pen?

Whoa. David beats Goliath. 8th beats 1st. And so on. With some unbelievable goaltending, the Montreal Canadiens came back to win 3 straight and win the series. If you put money down on this, you were an idiot and got lucky. But congrats, and now the Habs take on Sid and the Penguins. And they won't stand a chance...or will they? The 2nd round should be really exciting to watch all around. .... On a junior note, the WHL's bantam draft is this morning and Prince Albert took Defenceman Josh Morrissey with the 6th overall pick. Morrissey had 49 points and 108 penalty minutes in 32 games last season.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whats for Desert?

Garbage. Nice game 'Yotes. Thats all I'm going to say on that series. ... Let's just hope that tonights game 7 between the Habs and Caps is more entertaining.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Game Sevens Are Cool

I like that the 1st round of the NHL playoffs took their time and went back and forth. And I like that we ended up with 2 game sevens to watch. Perfect. There's nothing better than a game where winner takes all. My predictions are Phx and Mtl win. You may think I'm crazy. But that's my prerogative. Ha. ... Also I'm really looking forward to the Canucks/Hawks series. Should be a gooder! I seem to be friends with more and more 'Nucks fans lately. Who I like to rib a bit. But at the end of the day. Go Oil... Or soon enough, GO RIDERS!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Shallow Hal

Why is TSN talking about the Hab's Hal Gill? You want my opinion? Well it's not the same as theirs. Anyways, good luck to Canadiens tonight. Because of Ovie's douchebag move the other night when he sprayed snow in the little kids face. Really classy. So now I'm rooting for the Habs. For now, haha. ...Sorry 'Nucks fans, but I'm not on board yet. Same Division as my Oilers. It makes it tough. I was tired enough of listening about the twins and 'Lou' during the regular season. Now I'm stuck for at least another round. Brutal. Yep, that was an awesome save Luongo made on Smyth. I made the same save at a beer tournament on the weekend. If not better. Where's my contract? Ha! ... Hmm, what else. The Coyotes are still in it. So is my $150 thanks.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Touching Base

I'm headed out for the weekend and will be back on here Monday. So just wanted to re-cap a few things this morning. Whats up with the record low attendance at Blue Jays games? It's not like there's anything going on in Toronto right now. No Leafs, No Raps, No Argos...No Bills. The team doesn't look half bad. Well it's better than I had imagined anyway. Don't say its the economy because you can see a Jays game for like $15. Step it up Toronto before the Jays end up like the Expos! ... How bout those Devils?... So I for one was happy to see the Senators extend their series with Pittsburgh. Was nice to see they didn't throw in the towel. ... And did the regular season Sharks show up in the playoffs finally? Time will tell.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Harr-y Situation

The Riders announce they have released NCAA allstar QB Graham Harrell. Sounds like he wanted out. So I say see ya later. We have plenty of young talent. But I would have liked to see what he could have done on the field. Oh well.

Str88 Ballin'

I started a Facebook group a couple weeks ago called, Sign Matt Dominguez to a Try Out, Riders. With the intent that maybe someone of importance would see. I guess it's fun to have a group to see how many join. But come on, Facebook groups don't have any more impact on life and decisions than a leaf on a tree. But anyways, I just wanted to throw it out there. 88 hasn't played since 2008. After having another knee surgery. I think one year off to rehab and relax, might do the trick. Coach Miller held private work outs for him last year, just in case. He lives in Regina year round with his family. The guy bleeds Green. I say give him a try out, what can we lose? Besides, a receivers hands are the last thing to go....

Somethings a Bruin

So when I picked Tukka Rask as my goalie in the playoff draft, I figured the Bruins have a shot at beating Buffalo. Never did I think they would have a 3-1 lead in the series. But I'll take it. And with Marc Savard on the verge of returning, the B's look pretty good. ... On a westside note, that Vancouver/LA series is fun to watch. It's so back and forth that they're lucky theres a clock. ... Can the Senators goalies please make a save tonite? Thank-you.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not Quite an Avalanche

Just a quick playoff round-up. I figured after the other nights botch up with Boyle and the Sharks, that would have been a playoff killer. Guess I was wrong. Well. The Avs/Sharks series still looks like it could go either way. ... Can the Ottawa Senators buy a save? ... Philly looks like the real deal, or maybe the Devils look like an offensive joke. What gives there? ... Don Cherry letting the Canucks know what he thinks of Roberto Luongo being the captain. He's saying Lou should ask to give up the 'C' next year. Goalies have too much pressure as is. And trying to lead a team on top of that is too much. After being benched the other night, the players look over and see your captain sitting there. ...I agree with Grapes.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Riders Training Camp

Countdown is 46 days... just throwing that out there.


You know the focus wasn't there last night for Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo. You could tell. But you know he's the franchise guy, and he will start game 4 in LA. (I'm digging the black and grey jerseys, btw. Just need the old Kings logo) This isn't the first time Luo has looked out of focus in the playoffs. And really, when have the Canucks had a goalie that looked unbeatable in the playoffs. One good run with Kirk Mclean aside. Even then he was letting a few beach balls by. So while Canucks fans sit on the edge, waiting for somebody to step up and take charge against the Kings, we can just sit and watch it unfold.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't let door hit you on the way out...

So maybe I'm jumping the gun here. But probably not. I can't see Chris Bosh re-signing with the Raptors. And you know what? I don't care. What exactly has he done in the last 7 years? It's been one signing after another to get players to shine along side of Bosh. And each time it has turned out to be a disaster. So is it the supporting casts fault? The coaching? Or CB4 himself. I'm thinking the latter. It seems he isn't the franchise we all hoped for. With huge signings last off season, I for one had high hopes the Raps would go deep in the playoffs. Not miss the playoffs. So I think its time to start over. Get the rebuild going. Draft well. And see if it works in a few years. It's really too bad. See ya CB4.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

NHL Playoffs seem Crazier this year?!

So ya, whats going on with the playoffs? I know it's a new season and all, but most of these games are way too close. Somethings got to give. Or not. It's been fun to watch so far, so who am I to want or ask for any changes. Just keep it up, and if the Coyotes end up winning the Cup, I win $150. Thanx. ...But I'm not holding my breath.

Riders 100th Anniversary Jersey

So I have my sources that have sources. And a Reebok rep has informed us that they have the design for the Riders 100th Anniversary Jersey. And the colours are Black and Maroon. What! I will wait to pass judgement until I actually physically see the jersey. But I think it's going to be a tough sell to a Nation of Green. On top of this the CFL will be celebrating the 70's with retro jerseys. Same as last years celebrating the 60's. So lets count how many jerseys this has been over the last 3 years. 2008 had the Home Green, Away White & a Retro inspired Green Jersey. 2009 had the Home Green, Away White, a new 60's Retro Green and a new 60's Retro White. Now 2010 supposedly has Home Green, Away White, 70's inspired Home and Away's and the 100th Anniversary Jersey. Thats an option of 12 Jerseys over 3 years. But even take away the regular Home & Away's, and thats 6 brand new options for fans over 3 years. That's a lot of cash to fork out and I believe the market is being too saturated with the different jerseys. On top of what I heard that in 2011 the Riders plan to revamp the Home & Away jerseys looks along with a new Logo....crazy.

I'm back Jack

Hello to all 3 of the followers. lol. Sorry I've been away from the game. Been busy contemplating things. And I think I have it sorted out for now. I will be at my computer even more over the next year, studying graphic design. So I promise to take breaks and hit up my blog. Peace. Now lets get down to business....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Been Around the world and I I I...

Hey sorry I've been away. Was trying to deal a deal. lol. But anyhow, I really haven't missed much at all. Which brings me back to, 'I hate this time of year'. What do we do? I dunno. No Rider news. Raiders missed the playoffs again. Jays look young, and I'll leave it at that for now. Tomlinson signed with the NY Jets, Gross. Ovie got 2 games for his hit on Campbell...and Campbell's done for the season. The Raptors suck ass, and I might not miss CB4 as much as I once thought. Anyways. I'll be back on track here soon....Give me a couple days.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Winter Blues

SO in the midst of my worst cold 'ever', I can't seem to take refuge in the sporting world. Whats going on that would take my mind off being sick? Oilers? Not likely. Raiders? Nope. Football season? Too far away. Olympics? All done. Hmm, seems I need something else. MLB spring training? Ya its on, but it takes a while to warm up to it. Raptors? No comment. Well how bout one. Start playing defence! Well I guess tonight I curl up with some soup and think about supporting some new

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Raiders Disappoint ... Again

I don't know what to say. Yes they may still have a chance. But who are we kidding. They've played like shit down the stretch. I don't expect a miracle. Another year gone. Just missing the playoffs. Why? Does the scouting need blame? Coaches? GM? Like this is junior hockey. Every 4 years you should have an above average team. If things are done right. Its hard to watch this small market team lose and lose revenue from playoff games every year. Support is already dwindling and will continue without success. The adults will give up , and the new fans, the children won't even care. Sad to see. But hey, there's always next year...

Friday, March 5, 2010

1.2 Billion? Cmon People

The price tag was announced for this FN designed stadium, including a Hard Rock Hotel. 1.2 Bill? Wow. And it hinges on the province selling Casino Regina and Moose jaw. Um, that would be political suicide I would think. Giving up that revenue, and then expected to turn around and spend the money from the sale to fund the dome? Wont happen. Its cool though, that theres other groups coming forward with their ideas. Keep em coming...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New First Nation Design

Im sure you can find the new First Nations designed dome on line now. Their idea is to buy Casino Regina and build a new one connected with a dome. Ok. Im open to all ideas. But Im not holding my breath. ... Check the design out. It looks like a dome caught in a net. Not a fan. Yet...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oiled and Greased

In one of the most boring NHL trade deadlines ever, the silver lining is... The Oilers dumped some payroll? And SAY WHAT? They made a trade with arch enemies the Calgary Flames? Ugh. Ok then. Is the cold war over? This is getting to be too many ? marks. So anyways, TSNs panel talked about "non-trades" more than all the weak trades coming down the wire. It was sad to watch. And really boring. But inside I was hoping to hear of a blockbuster. Didn't happen. Oh well. The Capitals loaded up on journeymen players for a run. The Coyotes made a couple improvements. SO, as we get ready to watch some hockey down the stretch, whats the next big deal? The draft. And I believe it will be an eventful day.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Olympic Hangover

Yep, I'll admit as much as I wanted to go back to pro sports, I kinda miss the the hoopla. Oh well. Hopefully the trade deadline will keep us all interested. I for one hope the Oilers can deal away some payroll. But we'll see tomorrow. And by the way, I'm now fully on board for a new stadium (only with a retractable roof) in Regina. The more I read, and the more pictures I see, I'm being brainwashed into thinking this is an amazing idea... Time will tell.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Domed if we do, Domed if we don't

So the gov't released its million dollar study into a covered dome in Regina. Its gonna get ugly from here on in. People are passionate about their opinions, and both sides (including the middle) are voicing them! The ONLY thing I ask is, be educated and read it ALL. Don't spew garbage about this and that. Chill. There will be a tomorrow. And put me down as a YES, I think its a great step for Regina and the Province.

Golden Shower

Yep. I flinched. I held my breath. And when the States tied it, I deflated more than bad tire. Intermission. Phew. Thank you. And that worked to Canada's favor. Thank you Sid, Jarome, and the rest of Team Canada!! That was an amazing finish to the Olympics. An Olympics that I found my wife and myself, keeping up on almost every aspect. I've never watched more Olympics in my life! We'll see if that happens in 4 years or not. But hey, I'll bask in the glare of all the Gold this country pulled in. Great job, Vancouver and everyone else. Enjoy.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Friday

So here we are...Friday. And a busy weekend coming up. Starting with some great hockey games tonight. USA/FIN which should be a decent game. And I dont overly care who wins. Does it really matter? And the big game, CANADA-SLOVAKIA. I think the Slovaks have a stellar team, and will play like more of a 'team' than Russia did. This will prove a handful for our boys, but they will prevail. The strong effort the other night will continue and the boys will be playing for Gold. So whether its the States or Fins. It will be a great day for hockey...A handful of us are heading to Alberta to play in a tournament on Saturday. So I guess its a great weekend for hockey.
...Riders are negotiating a contract extension with Durant. Thats music to my ears. This QB should be the look of the franchise for many years to come!!!
....The Olympics have been fun, but really. Its time to get back to NHL highlights and playoffs are around the corner. Not including my Oilers. But hey, a good draft pick will soften the blow this year.
....Anyone else think the Raptors cant win without CB4?
....I read the other day that Bluejays Gaston will have his hands full in his final year. Uh, ok. I hate when people pretty much announce a farewell tour. Retirement is something you announce after the season. Not before. But ya, he'll have his hands full.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Davis Retires

Thank you Eddie for 9 great years in Green and White. Enjoy your retirement and good luck the rest of the way! ... Now hopefully the Riders have someone that could fill half the shoes of Eddie. I for one, though he could have played another couple seasons. Will miss that veteran presence.

Where will Tomlinson go...

As a Chargers fan, it was sad to hear. But you knew it was coming. LT was released. So now what? Some say the frontrunners are Houston, New Orleans, or maybe Green Bay. Its upto LT, as I'm sure there will be a few offers to mull over. He can contribute still, I believe, but his days as a feature back are over. So here's to a great career, LT. And good luck the rest of the way.

Regina Dome study to be Released Monday

Wow. And that word covers alot. People got their noses so far out of joint, I can hardly believe it. Like now its a war of words between sports fans and people who think they know politics? Sickening. Look everyone, its a study to see if its feasible. Thats for starters. The Sask Party will not be at your door asking you to hand your wallet over. I for one, dont really care either way. But I would be a liar if I didnt say the sound of a retractible dome stadium didnt sound cool. Either way though. Whatever. Some people just say NO to say NO. Without thinking about the future. Face it. Is Regina a city that comes to mind when I say "cutting edge"? Probably not. And most people would say alot worse things about Regina. So to those old school dinosaurs that would rather save their pennys and keep Regina a dustbowl stuck in the past strictly out of fear of change... I say Relax.

Raiders Road Gets Tougher

After a tough loss to the Bruins on Wednesday, the Raiders still find themselves in 9th. And things dont get any easier with a Friday date with the 1st place Saskatoon Blades. I wish I could be there. But I'm off to play in a hockey tournament. I wonder what attendance will be like, as its always good when PA is in town. But with the Canada-Slovakia game on every TV and Sportsbar, the WHL will take a back seat for the night. Go Raiders...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vodka Suprise

So after all the hype, and speculation this was it. On one hand I'm happy that it was this easy. On the other, I expected this to be a classic ,edge of your seat tilt. So as Nabokov and Team Russia are licking their wounds, Canada prepares for Slovakia. Yep. Slovakia. Some say what? But these guys beat Sweden and will not be taken lightly. So will this be the "classic" game we want to watch? I will say probably. ... Friday here we come.

Rodriguez to the Riders

Amazing deal. Young talented receiver. Go Riders!!

Nation Holding its Breath

After winning a game against Germany, that everyone assumed would happen. The Canadian Mens Hockey Team is preparing to face the Russians. In a game neither want to give into, this should be an epic battle. I for one, am nervous. As are most Canadians. As for the team, this level of urgency is something they haven't felt yet. You know Ovie is gonna be sizing up Sid. I can only hope Team Canada is doing the same. Come out hitting and swarm the net. Win or lose, life goes on. Go Canada Go.

Raiders running for playoff spot

With the Olympics going on, everything seems on the back burner. But up in PA, the 9th place Raiders are 1 point out of a playoff spot. And on a 2 game win streak, host the Bruins. Who are 7th in the West. If the Raiders want to stay in the race, every game is a must win. So tonight, while we all watch Canada vs. Russia, its still Go Raiders Go in Prince Albert.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jyles in the Peg...

So now decisions must be made, as the Riders depth at QB falls off hard after DD....

Riders Luke Warm on KJ? I should hope so...

2007 was an amazing year. Sitting in my season seats in Regina. I seen some amazing plays. Like the final play of the Labour Day Classic. KJ was on top! What an amazing day. He took a pay cut to play. He had an average Grey Cup game. But good enough to win. And we win. Everyones supporting KJ. Then the rumors swirl about his heavy contract, and how he wants to be paid now. Ok cool. Then they ship him to T-dot. So two seasons gone and we haven't missed him. But now he's out of a job, and the phone calls are being made. ... I trust in the Riders and whatever they do. I may not always agree. So in this case what do they do? I think I could go without. But if Jyles is forsure gone to Wpg. Then we have zero experience at backup. People are screaming about keeping our young stable of QB's intact. But none of them have played a down of pro ball. This may backfire. So whatever happens, this is Durants team now. And by the way he's in his option year of his contract....

Monday, February 22, 2010

Team Canadas Fans Woes

Relax, people. Take a deep breath. Lets enjoy ourselves and enjoy watching our boys play Germany. The sky hasn't fallen. We get by this and the Russia game will be a classic. The long road to the medal round isn't the end of the world. Ya I like winning too. But so what. Ya Broduer had a bad game. So what. So did the rest of the team. Lets not forget, 7th place last time around. Or 02' where they took the long road. This is a tourney, not a gimme. Lets rally around the team and GO CANADA GO!