Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Friday

So here we are...Friday. And a busy weekend coming up. Starting with some great hockey games tonight. USA/FIN which should be a decent game. And I dont overly care who wins. Does it really matter? And the big game, CANADA-SLOVAKIA. I think the Slovaks have a stellar team, and will play like more of a 'team' than Russia did. This will prove a handful for our boys, but they will prevail. The strong effort the other night will continue and the boys will be playing for Gold. So whether its the States or Fins. It will be a great day for hockey...A handful of us are heading to Alberta to play in a tournament on Saturday. So I guess its a great weekend for hockey.
...Riders are negotiating a contract extension with Durant. Thats music to my ears. This QB should be the look of the franchise for many years to come!!!
....The Olympics have been fun, but really. Its time to get back to NHL highlights and playoffs are around the corner. Not including my Oilers. But hey, a good draft pick will soften the blow this year.
....Anyone else think the Raptors cant win without CB4?
....I read the other day that Bluejays Gaston will have his hands full in his final year. Uh, ok. I hate when people pretty much announce a farewell tour. Retirement is something you announce after the season. Not before. But ya, he'll have his hands full.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Davis Retires

Thank you Eddie for 9 great years in Green and White. Enjoy your retirement and good luck the rest of the way! ... Now hopefully the Riders have someone that could fill half the shoes of Eddie. I for one, though he could have played another couple seasons. Will miss that veteran presence.

Where will Tomlinson go...

As a Chargers fan, it was sad to hear. But you knew it was coming. LT was released. So now what? Some say the frontrunners are Houston, New Orleans, or maybe Green Bay. Its upto LT, as I'm sure there will be a few offers to mull over. He can contribute still, I believe, but his days as a feature back are over. So here's to a great career, LT. And good luck the rest of the way.

Regina Dome study to be Released Monday

Wow. And that word covers alot. People got their noses so far out of joint, I can hardly believe it. Like now its a war of words between sports fans and people who think they know politics? Sickening. Look everyone, its a study to see if its feasible. Thats for starters. The Sask Party will not be at your door asking you to hand your wallet over. I for one, dont really care either way. But I would be a liar if I didnt say the sound of a retractible dome stadium didnt sound cool. Either way though. Whatever. Some people just say NO to say NO. Without thinking about the future. Face it. Is Regina a city that comes to mind when I say "cutting edge"? Probably not. And most people would say alot worse things about Regina. So to those old school dinosaurs that would rather save their pennys and keep Regina a dustbowl stuck in the past strictly out of fear of change... I say Relax.

Raiders Road Gets Tougher

After a tough loss to the Bruins on Wednesday, the Raiders still find themselves in 9th. And things dont get any easier with a Friday date with the 1st place Saskatoon Blades. I wish I could be there. But I'm off to play in a hockey tournament. I wonder what attendance will be like, as its always good when PA is in town. But with the Canada-Slovakia game on every TV and Sportsbar, the WHL will take a back seat for the night. Go Raiders...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vodka Suprise

So after all the hype, and speculation this was it. On one hand I'm happy that it was this easy. On the other, I expected this to be a classic ,edge of your seat tilt. So as Nabokov and Team Russia are licking their wounds, Canada prepares for Slovakia. Yep. Slovakia. Some say what? But these guys beat Sweden and will not be taken lightly. So will this be the "classic" game we want to watch? I will say probably. ... Friday here we come.

Rodriguez to the Riders

Amazing deal. Young talented receiver. Go Riders!!

Nation Holding its Breath

After winning a game against Germany, that everyone assumed would happen. The Canadian Mens Hockey Team is preparing to face the Russians. In a game neither want to give into, this should be an epic battle. I for one, am nervous. As are most Canadians. As for the team, this level of urgency is something they haven't felt yet. You know Ovie is gonna be sizing up Sid. I can only hope Team Canada is doing the same. Come out hitting and swarm the net. Win or lose, life goes on. Go Canada Go.

Raiders running for playoff spot

With the Olympics going on, everything seems on the back burner. But up in PA, the 9th place Raiders are 1 point out of a playoff spot. And on a 2 game win streak, host the Bruins. Who are 7th in the West. If the Raiders want to stay in the race, every game is a must win. So tonight, while we all watch Canada vs. Russia, its still Go Raiders Go in Prince Albert.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jyles in the Peg...

So now decisions must be made, as the Riders depth at QB falls off hard after DD....

Riders Luke Warm on KJ? I should hope so...

2007 was an amazing year. Sitting in my season seats in Regina. I seen some amazing plays. Like the final play of the Labour Day Classic. KJ was on top! What an amazing day. He took a pay cut to play. He had an average Grey Cup game. But good enough to win. And we win. Everyones supporting KJ. Then the rumors swirl about his heavy contract, and how he wants to be paid now. Ok cool. Then they ship him to T-dot. So two seasons gone and we haven't missed him. But now he's out of a job, and the phone calls are being made. ... I trust in the Riders and whatever they do. I may not always agree. So in this case what do they do? I think I could go without. But if Jyles is forsure gone to Wpg. Then we have zero experience at backup. People are screaming about keeping our young stable of QB's intact. But none of them have played a down of pro ball. This may backfire. So whatever happens, this is Durants team now. And by the way he's in his option year of his contract....

Monday, February 22, 2010

Team Canadas Fans Woes

Relax, people. Take a deep breath. Lets enjoy ourselves and enjoy watching our boys play Germany. The sky hasn't fallen. We get by this and the Russia game will be a classic. The long road to the medal round isn't the end of the world. Ya I like winning too. But so what. Ya Broduer had a bad game. So what. So did the rest of the team. Lets not forget, 7th place last time around. Or 02' where they took the long road. This is a tourney, not a gimme. Lets rally around the team and GO CANADA GO!