Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oiled and Greased

In one of the most boring NHL trade deadlines ever, the silver lining is... The Oilers dumped some payroll? And SAY WHAT? They made a trade with arch enemies the Calgary Flames? Ugh. Ok then. Is the cold war over? This is getting to be too many ? marks. So anyways, TSNs panel talked about "non-trades" more than all the weak trades coming down the wire. It was sad to watch. And really boring. But inside I was hoping to hear of a blockbuster. Didn't happen. Oh well. The Capitals loaded up on journeymen players for a run. The Coyotes made a couple improvements. SO, as we get ready to watch some hockey down the stretch, whats the next big deal? The draft. And I believe it will be an eventful day.

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