Thursday, April 29, 2010

How Did That HAB-pen?

Whoa. David beats Goliath. 8th beats 1st. And so on. With some unbelievable goaltending, the Montreal Canadiens came back to win 3 straight and win the series. If you put money down on this, you were an idiot and got lucky. But congrats, and now the Habs take on Sid and the Penguins. And they won't stand a chance...or will they? The 2nd round should be really exciting to watch all around. .... On a junior note, the WHL's bantam draft is this morning and Prince Albert took Defenceman Josh Morrissey with the 6th overall pick. Morrissey had 49 points and 108 penalty minutes in 32 games last season.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whats for Desert?

Garbage. Nice game 'Yotes. Thats all I'm going to say on that series. ... Let's just hope that tonights game 7 between the Habs and Caps is more entertaining.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Game Sevens Are Cool

I like that the 1st round of the NHL playoffs took their time and went back and forth. And I like that we ended up with 2 game sevens to watch. Perfect. There's nothing better than a game where winner takes all. My predictions are Phx and Mtl win. You may think I'm crazy. But that's my prerogative. Ha. ... Also I'm really looking forward to the Canucks/Hawks series. Should be a gooder! I seem to be friends with more and more 'Nucks fans lately. Who I like to rib a bit. But at the end of the day. Go Oil... Or soon enough, GO RIDERS!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Shallow Hal

Why is TSN talking about the Hab's Hal Gill? You want my opinion? Well it's not the same as theirs. Anyways, good luck to Canadiens tonight. Because of Ovie's douchebag move the other night when he sprayed snow in the little kids face. Really classy. So now I'm rooting for the Habs. For now, haha. ...Sorry 'Nucks fans, but I'm not on board yet. Same Division as my Oilers. It makes it tough. I was tired enough of listening about the twins and 'Lou' during the regular season. Now I'm stuck for at least another round. Brutal. Yep, that was an awesome save Luongo made on Smyth. I made the same save at a beer tournament on the weekend. If not better. Where's my contract? Ha! ... Hmm, what else. The Coyotes are still in it. So is my $150 thanks.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Touching Base

I'm headed out for the weekend and will be back on here Monday. So just wanted to re-cap a few things this morning. Whats up with the record low attendance at Blue Jays games? It's not like there's anything going on in Toronto right now. No Leafs, No Raps, No Argos...No Bills. The team doesn't look half bad. Well it's better than I had imagined anyway. Don't say its the economy because you can see a Jays game for like $15. Step it up Toronto before the Jays end up like the Expos! ... How bout those Devils?... So I for one was happy to see the Senators extend their series with Pittsburgh. Was nice to see they didn't throw in the towel. ... And did the regular season Sharks show up in the playoffs finally? Time will tell.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Harr-y Situation

The Riders announce they have released NCAA allstar QB Graham Harrell. Sounds like he wanted out. So I say see ya later. We have plenty of young talent. But I would have liked to see what he could have done on the field. Oh well.

Str88 Ballin'

I started a Facebook group a couple weeks ago called, Sign Matt Dominguez to a Try Out, Riders. With the intent that maybe someone of importance would see. I guess it's fun to have a group to see how many join. But come on, Facebook groups don't have any more impact on life and decisions than a leaf on a tree. But anyways, I just wanted to throw it out there. 88 hasn't played since 2008. After having another knee surgery. I think one year off to rehab and relax, might do the trick. Coach Miller held private work outs for him last year, just in case. He lives in Regina year round with his family. The guy bleeds Green. I say give him a try out, what can we lose? Besides, a receivers hands are the last thing to go....

Somethings a Bruin

So when I picked Tukka Rask as my goalie in the playoff draft, I figured the Bruins have a shot at beating Buffalo. Never did I think they would have a 3-1 lead in the series. But I'll take it. And with Marc Savard on the verge of returning, the B's look pretty good. ... On a westside note, that Vancouver/LA series is fun to watch. It's so back and forth that they're lucky theres a clock. ... Can the Senators goalies please make a save tonite? Thank-you.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not Quite an Avalanche

Just a quick playoff round-up. I figured after the other nights botch up with Boyle and the Sharks, that would have been a playoff killer. Guess I was wrong. Well. The Avs/Sharks series still looks like it could go either way. ... Can the Ottawa Senators buy a save? ... Philly looks like the real deal, or maybe the Devils look like an offensive joke. What gives there? ... Don Cherry letting the Canucks know what he thinks of Roberto Luongo being the captain. He's saying Lou should ask to give up the 'C' next year. Goalies have too much pressure as is. And trying to lead a team on top of that is too much. After being benched the other night, the players look over and see your captain sitting there. ...I agree with Grapes.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Riders Training Camp

Countdown is 46 days... just throwing that out there.


You know the focus wasn't there last night for Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo. You could tell. But you know he's the franchise guy, and he will start game 4 in LA. (I'm digging the black and grey jerseys, btw. Just need the old Kings logo) This isn't the first time Luo has looked out of focus in the playoffs. And really, when have the Canucks had a goalie that looked unbeatable in the playoffs. One good run with Kirk Mclean aside. Even then he was letting a few beach balls by. So while Canucks fans sit on the edge, waiting for somebody to step up and take charge against the Kings, we can just sit and watch it unfold.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't let door hit you on the way out...

So maybe I'm jumping the gun here. But probably not. I can't see Chris Bosh re-signing with the Raptors. And you know what? I don't care. What exactly has he done in the last 7 years? It's been one signing after another to get players to shine along side of Bosh. And each time it has turned out to be a disaster. So is it the supporting casts fault? The coaching? Or CB4 himself. I'm thinking the latter. It seems he isn't the franchise we all hoped for. With huge signings last off season, I for one had high hopes the Raps would go deep in the playoffs. Not miss the playoffs. So I think its time to start over. Get the rebuild going. Draft well. And see if it works in a few years. It's really too bad. See ya CB4.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

NHL Playoffs seem Crazier this year?!

So ya, whats going on with the playoffs? I know it's a new season and all, but most of these games are way too close. Somethings got to give. Or not. It's been fun to watch so far, so who am I to want or ask for any changes. Just keep it up, and if the Coyotes end up winning the Cup, I win $150. Thanx. ...But I'm not holding my breath.

Riders 100th Anniversary Jersey

So I have my sources that have sources. And a Reebok rep has informed us that they have the design for the Riders 100th Anniversary Jersey. And the colours are Black and Maroon. What! I will wait to pass judgement until I actually physically see the jersey. But I think it's going to be a tough sell to a Nation of Green. On top of this the CFL will be celebrating the 70's with retro jerseys. Same as last years celebrating the 60's. So lets count how many jerseys this has been over the last 3 years. 2008 had the Home Green, Away White & a Retro inspired Green Jersey. 2009 had the Home Green, Away White, a new 60's Retro Green and a new 60's Retro White. Now 2010 supposedly has Home Green, Away White, 70's inspired Home and Away's and the 100th Anniversary Jersey. Thats an option of 12 Jerseys over 3 years. But even take away the regular Home & Away's, and thats 6 brand new options for fans over 3 years. That's a lot of cash to fork out and I believe the market is being too saturated with the different jerseys. On top of what I heard that in 2011 the Riders plan to revamp the Home & Away jerseys looks along with a new Logo....crazy.

I'm back Jack

Hello to all 3 of the followers. lol. Sorry I've been away from the game. Been busy contemplating things. And I think I have it sorted out for now. I will be at my computer even more over the next year, studying graphic design. So I promise to take breaks and hit up my blog. Peace. Now lets get down to business....