Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Friday

So here we are...Friday. And a busy weekend coming up. Starting with some great hockey games tonight. USA/FIN which should be a decent game. And I dont overly care who wins. Does it really matter? And the big game, CANADA-SLOVAKIA. I think the Slovaks have a stellar team, and will play like more of a 'team' than Russia did. This will prove a handful for our boys, but they will prevail. The strong effort the other night will continue and the boys will be playing for Gold. So whether its the States or Fins. It will be a great day for hockey...A handful of us are heading to Alberta to play in a tournament on Saturday. So I guess its a great weekend for hockey.
...Riders are negotiating a contract extension with Durant. Thats music to my ears. This QB should be the look of the franchise for many years to come!!!
....The Olympics have been fun, but really. Its time to get back to NHL highlights and playoffs are around the corner. Not including my Oilers. But hey, a good draft pick will soften the blow this year.
....Anyone else think the Raptors cant win without CB4?
....I read the other day that Bluejays Gaston will have his hands full in his final year. Uh, ok. I hate when people pretty much announce a farewell tour. Retirement is something you announce after the season. Not before. But ya, he'll have his hands full.


  1. joust wondering on your thoughts of the canadian girls celebration last night ....20 mins after the metal cerimonys, the girl came back out onto the ice drinking beer and smoking cigars of the girls drinking was 18 years old and another girl jumped onto the zamboni and pretended to drive it
    Normally i would have a big HELL YA for stuff like this .....but this is the olympics, not really how i want to see our nation represented ...

  2. Ya your right. But it does seem comical. This actually is how the rest of the world looks at us. Its ironic.

  3. Trust me, I was here, and Canadian women were doing many a thing worse than the womens team was. I'm sure that when the men did it, it was ok. Let's not have a double standard. As for representing.....I'm sure it was meant very tongue in cheek....let's not take ourselves too seriously!