Thursday, February 25, 2010

Regina Dome study to be Released Monday

Wow. And that word covers alot. People got their noses so far out of joint, I can hardly believe it. Like now its a war of words between sports fans and people who think they know politics? Sickening. Look everyone, its a study to see if its feasible. Thats for starters. The Sask Party will not be at your door asking you to hand your wallet over. I for one, dont really care either way. But I would be a liar if I didnt say the sound of a retractible dome stadium didnt sound cool. Either way though. Whatever. Some people just say NO to say NO. Without thinking about the future. Face it. Is Regina a city that comes to mind when I say "cutting edge"? Probably not. And most people would say alot worse things about Regina. So to those old school dinosaurs that would rather save their pennys and keep Regina a dustbowl stuck in the past strictly out of fear of change... I say Relax.

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