Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not Quite an Avalanche

Just a quick playoff round-up. I figured after the other nights botch up with Boyle and the Sharks, that would have been a playoff killer. Guess I was wrong. Well. The Avs/Sharks series still looks like it could go either way. ... Can the Ottawa Senators buy a save? ... Philly looks like the real deal, or maybe the Devils look like an offensive joke. What gives there? ... Don Cherry letting the Canucks know what he thinks of Roberto Luongo being the captain. He's saying Lou should ask to give up the 'C' next year. Goalies have too much pressure as is. And trying to lead a team on top of that is too much. After being benched the other night, the players look over and see your captain sitting there. ...I agree with Grapes.

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