Monday, April 26, 2010

Shallow Hal

Why is TSN talking about the Hab's Hal Gill? You want my opinion? Well it's not the same as theirs. Anyways, good luck to Canadiens tonight. Because of Ovie's douchebag move the other night when he sprayed snow in the little kids face. Really classy. So now I'm rooting for the Habs. For now, haha. ...Sorry 'Nucks fans, but I'm not on board yet. Same Division as my Oilers. It makes it tough. I was tired enough of listening about the twins and 'Lou' during the regular season. Now I'm stuck for at least another round. Brutal. Yep, that was an awesome save Luongo made on Smyth. I made the same save at a beer tournament on the weekend. If not better. Where's my contract? Ha! ... Hmm, what else. The Coyotes are still in it. So is my $150 thanks.


  1. Hal Gill is a stand up Defencmen and i would have him on my team again.(pens) He really can be a shut down guy, and he has a huge reach for swatting the puck off ovies stick! i was there at this beer league tourny this weekend, and you make 1 save and your talking contract ??
    Van City is for real....Lou is hott,and so are the Sedins .....look out !

  2. If Pierre Mcquire seen the save I made he would have jizzed in his pants...(ala Dustin Tokarski's save at the 09 wjhc) lol